Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feature/Guest posts

Hi Everyone,

Just letting you know that I have an upcoming guest post on the Stay tuned-July 5th. So excited!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Single and Cooking in China Town, NYC

China Town is a culinary adventure because there are so many different herbs, fruits, drinks, teas and foods that I have never tried before so a day trip was definitely in order. My twin brother joined me for the day trip and made me laugh the whole time, singles need company too! I did a search on google for the best dumplings in China town and Prosperity Dumplings was one of the favorites so I had to have a taste of these dumplings. While looking for the restaurant, we passed a Buddhist temple which I thought was the Mahayan Buddhist temple  but it was not. All Buddhas are not the same, I learned.
Then, we passed a few bountiful street markets that had vegetables and fruits abound such as papaya, bunches of scallions, ginger just to name a few. We didn't stop to take any pictures of these because I was hungry for those dumplings. We reached Eldridge St. and thought Oh No!, this place is a hole in the wall but we went in anyway and the dumplings were super cheap.  I looked around and saw a lot of Asian customers so I thought to myself this place must have good dumplings.  Five freshly steamed and fried dumplings for only a dollar! My brother got the fried and I waited fifteen minutes for the steamed pork and vegetable dumplings. Must I say, that these dumplings were such a treat that I was literally shoving them in my mouth. I couldn't help myself. They were really good; the pictures are not so great because we were too busy eating.The pork and vegetables inside the dumplings were tender and cooked all the way through. The dough of the dumplings were soft yet chewy enough to give them a bite. I added some soy sauce and sriracha which gave added flavor. We left Prosperity Dumplings with our bellies full and looking ahead to a prosperous future.
We wandered  around Mott and Canal St. and stumbled upon The Donut Place which my brother told me was on Man vs. Food on the Food Network. I never heard of this place but my brother stopped to get a coconut creme donut which was too rich for my taste. I was very curious about Bubble Tea but I was very hesistant to have some. This was an adventure so I decided to take adventure by the reins and try this tea. The clerk was encouraging me to try it so I went ahead and got the coconut milk bubble tea. It was mildly sweet but the bubbles are actually balls made of tapioca. The tea was refreshing but the tapioca balls were
something new for my tastebuds. When my brother tried the bubble tea, he spat it out, myself and people on the street were laughing. This was a funny site.

We roamed around a few more streets and stores but our parking meter was about to run out. We hurried back to the car and prayed that we didn't get a ticket. We did not get a ticket and put more money in the meter to continue exploring but we had a surprise when we got back to the car to leave.

What do you think the surprise was?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

There's lots of fishes in the sea, make sure you catch this one!

We all hear the same story that breaking up with a guy should not be hard because there are lots of other men out there. Yes, there are LOTS of men out there, but are they worth catching? It depends on your tolerance, values, likes and dislikes. However, making a meal for one is a lot easier especially when fish is the main course. Before I started cooking, I thought fish would be one of the hardest things to cook but the opposite is never more true. With a lot of experimentation, whole fish has turned into one of my go to meals. Fresh porgy is in season now and very affordable at two to three dollars per pound. Two sizeable whole fish will cost you no more than $8 and make sure to look for ones that have clear eyes and smell like the sea. The fish guy-can't think of the official name will clean and gut it for you.
1.  When home from the grocery store rinse the fish with water and season with salt, pepper, thyme,Mrs. Dash, olive oil.
2.  Place seasoned fish in pot.
3.  Cut up onions, tomatoes, garlic; Place on top of fish.
4. Add about three tablespoons of water or more,if you like lots of gravy. (Remember, this is not a boiled fish recipe!)
5. Let fish steam in the covered pot for about fifteen minutes.
6.  During cooking, spoon gravy over fish for fabulous flavor.
7. Finish with a dab of butter in sauce.

For those that cannot eat fish with a head, please overcome being grossed out and take the leap. It will be well worth it. You can always take the head off after cooking the fish. You get the best of both worlds. The flavor from the head without having to eat it. Porgy is a bony fish so be careful when eating but remember that bones do give fish and meat its flavor. Buon appetit!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What do summer dresses and corn have in common?

Long gone are the winter coats and heavy boots; beautiful summer dresses and cute sandals take their place. A plethora of summer vegetables-fresh corn, fill the grocery store bins. There is nothing like sweet, summer corn, so I made a dinner of steamed fish and corn but had three ears of corn left over! A single person's dilema, what to do with all these left overs? Corn fritters come to mind. I reminisce about all the different types of fritters I ate as a young child. Scallion, codfish and plantain fritters made me the happiest especially when made by my parents; these memories made me yearn for piping hot fritters. I did not have scallion, codfish or plaintains but used the left over steamed corn to make my fritters. Improvisation, a cooking skill that I am honing is thwarted by my cookbooks, hence I found a recipe for corn fritters and made the batter in fifteen minutes. I made a batter for about four people and fried the fritters until golden brown. My dilemma with cookbooks, the recipes are usually written to serve at least three people, but I resolve to eat the fritters over a period of mornings. Fritter nostalgia curbed and an appetizing breakfast here I come!