This blog will explore different aspects of being single but still wanting to enjoy good home cooked food. Why this blog? Feeding our souls and appetite give us a lifetime of memories to cherish. Whether it is making a first meal in a new apartment or enjoying meals with a friend gives us strength to carry on. I have decided that my existence needs to be  nourished. Cooking is a way for me to love and take care of myself. Hence, this blog was born.

Well, what do I say about the fabulous me? I am a passionate person who enjoys writing, particularly about food. I have been writing for years in journals but never considered myself a writer until I started teaching.

What do I do for a living? :I teach elementary school children and to see how they grow in their writing  made me realize that we may be destined to become writers but a great writer is a work in progress. So why not go for it and write about something that I love to do, cooking.

Where do I live? I live in a small studio apartment with a tiny kitchen that I use to its maximum potential. I painted the walls orange, hung some artwork that I love, got some quality kitchen tools and a home kitchen was born.

How did I get started cooking? I have been watching my parents, uncles and aunts cook since I was a little girl. I really started cooking when I first graduated college and have been honing my skills ever since. When people started telling me that my food was good and asking how to make dishes that's when said I'm on to something here.

An equation that describes me, writing + cooking + food + technology = Shanimarie