Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breakfast of a not so champion

Ahh, the weekend we crave for is the perfect opportunity for cooking a breakfast of champions. I have used Saturday as somewhat of a ritual to make the breakfast of champions. An advantageous start to the day with sleeping in a couple of hours, then waking up to a clean kitchen  ready to be voraciously taken over by a hungry woman. The eternal question, what should I make for breakfast? I decide on a fried egg but need a little something more to fill my appetitte, left over sauteed swiss chard seems like a great combination with the egg. I lovingly fry the egg until the yolk is almost firm then heat the remaining swiss chard. A Le Creuset yellow ramekin bought on a budget is the perfecting nesting place for this meal. The traditional part of myself makes steaming mint tea to accompany my meal in ramekin.

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