Monday, February 21, 2011

Singles don't cook- another fabulous and single cooking lady proves otherwise.

Toni is a great, funny, smart friend of mine since college who lives in Anderson, South Carolina. We recently had a conversation about what's its like to be single and cook at home. She gives us all the details along with the advantages and disadvantages.  She also gives some great tips about making portion sizes more feasible.

Do you enjoy cooking at home for yourself? 

Yes, I cook most of time and I eat out twice a month with the exception of lunch. I prefer to cook at home because I can have what I want and I am a picky eater. Budget wise, having a meal at home is half the price of eating out.

What do you cook at home?

I usually cook seafood, shrimp, pasta and pork chops or roast pork.

What is your go to meal?

Toni:  I'll make a semi-jambalaya with potatoes or rice and browned sausages, shrimp and corn. It's also a one pot meal which saves me time and clean up.

Shanimarie: mmm, sounds good, I think I'll have to try that. I usually have four pots on the stove and then when its time to clean up, its like oh no.

Shanimarie: Tell me about any desserts you make.

Toni: I don't make dessert so much but sometimes I'll make a cake or frozen Pillsbury cookies.

Shanimarie: I love sweets. I'll make cake, cookies, pies and everything imaginable.

Shanimarie: What are some of the challenges of being single and cooking at home?

Toni: Its definitely hard to make one serving.  I portion my meats for every time I cook with the exception of produce. I'll buy a pack of chicken then divide the chicken into individual portions.

Shanimarie: That's a great idea. I would have never thought of that!

Shanimarie: Do you entertain?

Toni: Occasionally with family. My mom and I cook for  family birthdays.

Shanimarie: Do you cook special meals for  yourself?

Toni: I'll have lobster and crabs once a month. Sometimes turkey or ham. On the weekends, I'll have my rice and vegetables always.

Shanimarie: Wow, Toni, that is special. What do you do with tons of left over food?

Toni: My brother and coworkers are my testers for new recipes or I'll try and make the left over food into a different meal. Gravy, I do throw out. I 'll make a whole meal like a roast chicken with rice then ask my mom to make the gravy, no matter how much my mom has shown me, it just doesn't come out right.

Shanimarie:  I know what you mean. No matter how much I try to make Jamaican fried dumplings or if my dad shows me, it just never comes out right.

Toni: I must say though that even if I'm eating alone, the presentation of my food is really important. I'll f ix my plate with place mat and a nice glass and really make a meal out of it.

Shanimarie: That's good Toni,  I should do this more often. It's the little things that count after all.

Well, Thank you Toni. It was a pleasure; I learned so much about you even though we have known each other for a long time. You'll have to send me a picture of one of your meals.

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