Friday, February 11, 2011

The Romance of Cooking for one

Valentines day, the day of lovers is once again upon us.  Amidst the sea of flowers, candle lit restaurants and sentimental televison commercials; where does the single person fit in?  I have tackled this question for the past couple years and the answer is found in the romance of cooking for one. Cooking for one can be danced eloquently like the waltz or fiery and spicy like the tango. I prefer the eloquent dance of the waltz. My menu is carefully selected because this is a special meal for one. An herb roasted cornish hen baked in the oven with cherry balsamic vinegar sauce and baked sweet potato mashed with a dab of butter and a tablespoon of heavy cream. Dessert, the ultimate indulgence for one, is a baked apple with a maple pecan sauce. So, rest your weary hearts single cooking readers, make a dinner where you savor every mouthful.  A well wishing of lovers past is the celebratory end to your meal.

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