Friday, February 4, 2011

Supermarkets for singles who cook

Grocery shopping is a daunting task, most supermarkets are family oriented and do not consider the single person who cooks. This has proven to be one of my biggest challenges with cooking and on my grocery bill. Food is expensive. The portions are geared toward a family of at least four. For example, I was craving hamburgers for dinner so I got a medium sized packaged of ground beef. I made three meals out of this one package. I made hamburgers with caramelized onions, chili and meatloaf.  I had lunch for days. The meals were delicious of course. My meatloaf needs some work but my point is these portions are just too big for the single cook.
I also went to the farmers' market with the intention of supporting locally grown food and all its supposed benefits. The scallions looked really fresh and green but the bunch was just going to be way more than I really needed, so I asked the attendant if I could reduce the amount because I'm just cooking for myself and he said no! I was shocked, aren't farmers' markets supposed to be geared towards the customer more so than supermarket chains? Apparently not, in this case.
Supermarkets for single cooks, revolutionary? no, idealist? yes, great idea that benefits everyone, absolutely!

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