Thursday, April 28, 2011

Infinite possibilities with the can can man

Ewww! A can of tuna for dinner but this  gem of a can gives you five dinners during the work week. My uncle, a cook at heart, showed me the usefulness of these little cans of tuna. He said, I'm going to show you how to make a delicious dinner out of a can of tuna. I said to myself, no way, but he proceeded to
cut up some onions and tomato sauteed them in oil, added the tuna (drain water) to the onions and tomato, sprinkled some salt and pepper, added a tip of water then covered the pot. While preparing the tuna, he steamed fluffy rice and dinner was done. I was amazed at this, and the food tasted delicious. As a quick work night meal, this dish is my saving grace. I have added some variations.I prefer to buy chunk light tuna in water; this seems to work best for me.

Tuna sauteed with anchovies, canned whole tomatoes, red onions served over pasta or rice original recipe
Tuna sauteed with olive oil, capers, green onions, fresh tomatoes served over rice
Grilled tuna melt with cheddar cheese
Tuna with sun-dried tomatoes, onions, Mrs. Dash, paprika, capers served over pasta
The classic: tuna salad sandwich


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  1. I honestly never thought of cooking tuna, beyond a tuna melt. Never crossed my mind! Isn't it funny how we get into these "food ruts" where we don't experiment as much as we should? I will try this one, thanks.